I have been working independently in web designing and video editing since 2015. With a strong background in creative design and a passion for crafting digital content, I strive to deliver high-quality results for my clients.

My Background

Work Experience

Creative Designer

2015 - Present

- Web Design

2015 - Current

- Video Editing

2015 - Current

My Journey

I began my career in the media industry in 2005, working as an Office Assistant for Dr. Parvez Imam, a Filmmaker/Director at f-20 Communications. This experience allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the film-making process, from production to publishing.

My interest in creative work led me to further expand my knowledge in various techniques such as sound recording, editing, camera work, and website development.

Additionally, I actively contributed to Route Purple from 2008 to 2015, serving as a Coordinator and Team Leader. In this role, I organized nature activities such as camping trips, treks, and workshops.